Free Cloud Music Player For Your Smartphone with Soundweaver

It is safe to say that you are a partner of music? Do you require a tune to jive to at the most peculiar hours of the day and do you have a music library that is spread over various music players and applications? What’s more, do you get pointlessly worried from the consistent exchanging between one application to the next to get the best experience? All things considered, no more! SoundWeaver is a unique music player application that you can use to consolidate the best of all your most loved music applications! Be it SoundCloud, iTunes or perhaps a live stream on YouTube – Sound Weaver will give you a chance to take advantage of your best melodies at whatever time and anyplace!

Here are some of its features
# Modifies all your music-player apps and turns them into one giant library that has all your soundtracks.
# Clubs all your favorite music found on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes
# Background play of music for YouTube songs. There’s also an added in repeat button to listen for user friendliness.

These inherent features make sure that you can have the best and the most fun playlist to go with you at all times.And if you are running out of phone storage – don’t panic! You don’t have to pick and choose the songs you like best – you can have them all!

Find new songs from Youtube & SoundCloud and add them all with just a tap. You can stream them anytime!

The look, the feel and the design of Sound Weaver have all been modified to suit the needs of the music lover – it has bright and colorful display, a font size and type that pleases your eye and is a cloudapp that is absolutely user friendly and easy to work your way around! No more worrying about shifting between iTunes and SoundCloud, no more getting your phone stuck mid song because you have too many apps running open and no more worrying about having to choose between your beloved soundtracks because your phone storage is running out. Simplify your life by modifying the way you listen to your groovy tunes – SoundWeaver is your mp3player, your cloudapp and your cloud-player, all in one!

With all the features from a music player and with several additional features to add music from other applications, SoundWeaver does make it easier for audiophiles to rock the floor. So, turn up the bass, tap on the app, plug in your headphones, tune your mind to the song, and break the dance floor with music to your ears.